Top 10 Myths and Old Wives Tales Surrounding Dentistry

There are a lot of myths that have prevented most people from seeking proper dental help whenever there is an issue with their oral health. Here are the top 10 myths in regards to dentistry:

  1. If you brush before your dental appointment, the dentist will not notice that you do not take care of your teeth: Some people believe that if they thoroughly brush their teeth before going to a dentist, he will not notice their poor oral hygiene habits. The fact is, he will notice but this is not of importance at that time, his main focus will be on the issue that made you book an appointment.
  2. If you suffer from bleeding gums, you should not brush your teeth: The bleeding in your mouth is not as a result of brushing your teeth and for this reason; you should continue to brush and later, revisit the area to know the root cause of the problem.
  3. Root canal is painful: Though the process of root canal used to hurt in the past, this is not the case anymore. The advanced technology used has made the process more comfortable and painless.
  4. The harder you brush your teeth, the better: it is recommended that you brush your teeth twice daily. Some people believe that if they brush after each meal, they will be in better oral health which is not the case. The regular toothpaste is made of corrosive substances that will lead to the corrosion of your teeth if used excessively.
  5. If you lose weight, you will have a negative impact on your dental implants or dentures: weight loss or weight gain will not have any effect on the bones underlying your tissues.
  6. You should not undergo dental treatment when pregnant: Your dental health is important whether you are pregnant or not. Once you inform your dentist about the pregnancy, he will know the necessary precautions to take to ensure that you and your unborn baby are Safe.
  7. Women lose one tooth every time they give birth: If you are able to practice good oral hygiene and visit your dentist every time you have an issue, there is no way you will lose any of your teeth.
  8. Wisdom teeth are the cause of overcrowding of the front teeth: This is not true, the overcrowding of teeth is mainly as a result of a dental alignment that was carried out when young and after the teeth were straightened, no retainers were used to maintain the effect of the straightening.
  9. Taking care of baby teeth is unimportant: though baby teeth will eventually come out, there is a need to keep them in good shape as any dental complication will result in a lot of discomfort for your baby.
  10. Using lemon juice to brush your teeth will make them whiter: Lemon juice is highly corrosive and will do more harm to your teeth. If you need to make your teeth whiter, you should look for professional help or use whitening toothpaste.